Fire up your day with a bottle of Diet Mountain Dew and you could well be on your way to winning one of the 34,000 prizes from PepsiCo!

Fuel the frenzy promotion

Fuel the frenzy promotion is a collaboration between sports giant ESPN and Mountain Dew. It only takes 3 easy steps to participate in this draw.

  1. Collect the codes on Mountain Dew bottle caps or 12 pack cans
  2. Enter the codes on this website
  3. Wait for the results to be announced every weekend for this entire month!

Some of the prizes include a mini fridge, ESPN gift cards, baseball caps, pint glasses and many more!

ODM loves how the fridge was uniquely designed to look like a basketball court and the brand name could be seen from every perspective of the product. ODM is able to customize products like these by putting a logo on the product, changing the background or any way possible! Promotional products are a good way of reaching out to mass audience and encouraging brand recall.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry head down to your nearest grocery store to buy some Mountain Dew products. You might be one of the lucky 34,000 people!

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