Ever wanted a cold drink on a humid day but the vending machine is too far away? Fret not, for the easy carry cooler is here!

Easy carry cooler

There are 2 ways to carry this lightweight cooler; as a sling bag or backpack. It can hold two 1litre bottles and keep the beverages 12 degrees below room temperature.

Why is this product better than conventional ones? Apart from the aforementioned features, it is stylish and modern. It looks like a normal bag from afar and slimmer in comparison to ordinary cooler bags.

Easy carry cooler

These features increase the perceived value of the product and create hype around it. Also, a logo can be printed on the bag to increase brand awareness. So where ever your  customers go with this 2-in-1 cooler, it create a free walking advertisement. This form of advertising is not only of low cost but it reaches out to people from all walks of life.

Now, you would be equipped and ready to go out during the upcoming summer vacation!

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