Promotional ideas for corporate gifts, like those for end consumers are most successful and memorable when they properly cater to the needs of the individual and provide utility. ODM has complied a gift idea guide for the oft hectic officer worker.

Aluminium card holder

Card holders are often essential items for the office worker, holding business cards neatly for the honored traditional exchange of business contacts and networking between individuals and companies. As such, the Aluminium card holder can be a great corporate gift for the corporate warrior; its polished finish giving it a high end look towards a simple card holder.

In addition, the aluminium card holder may also have the company’s logo etched on it, providing additional advertising of the company in question.

Smartphone stand

With ever increasing capabilities for smartphones, office workers now increasingly work on the move. Thus offering a simple smartphone stand design allows workers to view their contacts and emails  comfortably and in style, allowing for better work experience.

Thus it has high perceived value from which the company can benefit from in terms of branding.

Can come in multiple shapes & materials….

Metal ball pens

A busy office worker always requires a pen on their person, be it to sign contracts or to take down notes. Furthermore, pens are a also symbol of status in these circles. Therefore offering a simple stylistic metal ball pen may be a great promotional product for the office worker as it offers great utility in allowing them to easily fill out forms and take notes on the go. A small logo of the company can also tastefully added to the pen, providing long term advertising for the company.

Computer bags

Often, workers are issued a company laptop computer to work from and they are expected to care for it well. Thus, a computer bag is another great gift that can be given which is proves great utility in terms of offering an easier carrying method for laptops to be transported. Made well, it projects a high end image for the company to impress on workers. See also our Manbag blog.

The fact that it often has pockets to hold other items ensures added utility and use even when not transporting laptop. Added to the fact that logos can be imprinted broadly on both sides of the computer bag, the bag also offers an advertising platform for the company.

USB hub

With the wide range of IT products that the modern office worker is expected to use and a limited amount of USB ports in a typical computer, the USB hub is the perfect corporate gift as it provides great utility in the form of convenience gained from not having to sacrifice an external IT device in exchange for another.

The USB hub can be designed in a wide variety of ways, giving a creative edge towards this simple promotional product. With the logo placed on the hub, it makes for a memorable and highly useful gift for the corporate warrior, improving company image.

Phone holster

A phone holster is a handy tool for the office worker, allowing for smartphones to be slung from the belt, freeing pocket space and allowing for easy access to the phone to make or receive rush calls or emails from colleagues.  Holster can be made from a variety of materials from nylon to leather to give varying levels of refinement.

Money Clip

The executive warrior is often called upon to travel overseas for assignments. As such they are usually recommended to hold a reserve of major foreign currencies like the greenback or the Euro as a just in case basis when overseas. As such, the money clip is a gift that provides much utility as it allows them to keep these reserve currencies separate from main wallets, to be kept safe should the worst happen. A custom logo may also be etched onto the holster to allow for an additional advertising benefit for the company.

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