With Spring upon us BBQ season has begun and will play a strong part in our Promos all through the summer. Make sure you have all the Barbecue Tools in your home in order to be a real pro during the blazzing summer heat – be sure to show off your cooking skills to your friends.

BBQ’s are popular in many countries around the world and a BBQ tool box set is a perfect corporate gift to give out to your employees or valued customers as a spring gift.

It is very easy to print the logo or slogan of a company on the box set as well as on the handle of each tool. These items have a long product life if sourced using realiable  material.

Customers or employees who receive BBQ tools as a gift will be ecstatic. BBQ manufacturer’s could offer a free BBQ tool set as a promotional product with the purchase of a brand new BBQ grill. Dont forget to include your company’s logo on the box set and tools, in order to increase your brand visibility.

There are an immense variety of barbecue tools, such as skewers,  tools to handle food on the grill,  or utensils to clean the grill. There are just as many packaging options, from custom plastic cases, to Nylon fold up holders, to simple disposable cardboard packaging.

Below is a list of some key BBQ tools that can be very useful for barbecue fanatics:

  • Meat skewers, marshmallow skewers.
  • Digital thermometer fork.
  • Portable rotating spit (in order to grill large pieces of meat by rotating).
  • Spatula.
  • Heat resistant cooking gloves.
  • Wood brush to apply sauce.
  • BBQ clip on light (cooking at night in pitch black).
  • BBQ recipe book.
  • Grill grate.
  • Corn basket (easiest way to cook your corn on the cob)

If you are looking to get a special message across, then you can go for just a few of these which can illustrate your message  – freshness / safety / technical tools / cleanliness etc…

With all the utensils on the market for BBQ’s you will want to cook all of your meals on the grill while the weather allows you to enjoy the outdoors. Watch out your kitchen might get jealous!

Contact ODMasia for help in putting together BBQ tool sets to be used as corporate gifts or part of a gift with purchase of a new grill. We can help you design and source great products – more ideas below…