Macy’s is currently offering a 4 piece BBQ set when you spend a minimum amount on a cologne purchase. This marketing product consists of a spatula, tongs and grill brush that comes in an aluminium case. This is a great marketing product that is perfect for the summer! It is a season where people would host and enjoy BBQ parties at home or sometimes by the beach. So offering a free gift with purchase like this would definitely entice customers to spend more for it.

BBQ set a great marketing product!

BBQ set a great marketing product!

Why is this BBQ set a brilliant marketing product?

First of all, companies should always offer a gift that is practical and of high utility value. A gift like this will ensure that customers will use it frequently and keep it for a longer period. For instance, a BBQ set like this can be used this summer and be kept for next year. It is a marketing product that posses an ever staying power. As such not only would your customers appreciate it, they will show continuous support to your company and business.

Furthermore, this BBQ set is easy to brand. It is a highly customizable marketing product. Companies could choose their preferred BBQ tool and mix and match it to form a BBQ set. Besides that, it can be fully customized after all branding needs and desire. Companies can just imprint their company logo onto the handles of the BBQ tools and the exterior of the aluminum case.

This marketing product also perceives a high market value. Whenever customers receive it, they will feel valued and appreciated. The imprinted logo will act as a constant reminder that continues to advertise long after they have been received. As such, people will be reminded of your business and this increases the chances of them purchasing your product and services.

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