Branded bar mats are a superb promotional product idea for all brands. It is a brilliant method in generating brand awareness and can significantly help catalyst an impulse purchase.

Branded Bar Mats

Branded Bar Mats – The Perfect Promo Idea

Above is an example of a rubber back pvc mat. These are great for two reasons:

  1. Customisable. These mats can be fully customised and made with all contour colours.
  2. Washable. Easy to maintain and can withhold any liquid spillage.
Branded Bar Mats

Branded Bar Mats – The Perfect Promo Idea

Here are some cool glow in the dark mats, but why use these?

  1. Get noticed. Bars and clubs can have low lighting. These neon mats will ensure your brand stands out.
  2. Be different. Inspire conversation and generate positive word of mouth by using a product out of the ordinary.
  3. Thermochromic potential. This can be great for product development and help further wow potential consumers.
Branded Bar Mats

Branded Bar Mats – The Perfect Promo Idea

Finally, some LED integrated branded bar mats. How can these help?

  1. Light up. A brilliant way to light up an area or event with the use of a brand.
  2. Be innovators. Brands have been proven to benefit greatly from acting differently. Here’s a great example.
  3. Festive. A perfect way to stay relevant and celebrate various holidays throughout the year.

If located strategically, your brand could reap the benefits of having a high quality pos display. The question is, how can bar mats help your brand?

Branded Bar Mats – What’s the deal?

  • Boost sales. This can be a great tool to push forward your brand or drinks company in order to stimulate sales.
  • Increase Brand Awareness. The perfect way to get your brand noticed by being on display in a social setting.
Branded Bar Mats

Branded Bar Mats – The Perfect Promo Idea

  • Highlight your product portfolio. This can be a great method to add to your brands product portfolio and enter markets that may not have been initially expected from your brand.
  • Raise your reputation. This can be a great way to heighten reputation and create a positive brand image.

Overall, branded bar mats have proven to be a brilliant tool for brands and can be used for your 2016 marketing budget.

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