Looking for beer GWP and packaging ideas? Check out Trappistes Rochefort and Leffe Beer promotions for your next campaign inspiration.

The beer industry has seen a significant growth in the past few years. In fact, many entrepreneurs have started up their breweries, formulating their own craft beer. They pose a threat to existing brands as it introduces more contenders in the market. To keep up with the competition, companies will need to find a way to help advertise their quality products.

Unconventional tactics and big-scale promotions may work for some; however, using excellent packaging and giving away gift with purchase items may be the best way to boost your brand presence. These provide excellent marketing advantage at a minimal cost. Some favorite brands, such as Trappistes Rochefort, are already making use of this idea. Just take a look at the pictures below.

Beer GWP and Packaging Ideas by Trappistes Rochefort and Leffe

Beer GWP and Packaging Ideas by Trappistes Rochefort and Leffe

Leffe has also been offering gifts with purchase. The brand is generously providing two wine glasses for every purchase of their famous beer.

Beer GWP and Packaging Ideas by Trappistes Rochefort and Leffe

Beer GWP and Packaging Ideas by Trappistes Rochefort and Leffe

With the advantages this approach brings, it is no wonder these labels have opted to give out freebies. Not only does it make their product exceptional; it’s also a great way to distribute promotional products to as many households as possible. We love how this smart strategy can help meet your business needs!

One objective of marketing is to entice customers to try your product. To achieve that, different strategies are essential to make the brand more appealing to buyers. Yet, some techniques may require too much time and effort. That is why having either a creative packaging or a GWP for your product is the best way to promote your brand. They both require minimal resources but can yield great results.

How can this beer GWP and packaging idea help your business?

Here are some of the benefits of adopting these strategies into your business.

  • Boost Your Sales. Eye-catching packaging and freebies will excite customers to sample your products. Therefore, both tactics can be used to encourage consumers to buy your beer. Thus, it helps ensure profitability.
  • Attract Customers. Packaging can be used to decorate your merchandise with branding visuals. On the other hand, a gift with purchase adds value to the product.
Beer GWP and Packaging Ideas by Trappistes Rochefort and Leffe

Beer GWP and Packaging Ideas by Trappistes Rochefort and Leffe

  • Enhances Brand Visibility. Store shelves tend to be overcrowded, making it difficult to leave a strong impression on customers. But with the right packaging design, any brand will be able to stand out in the crowd.
  • Brand Awareness. For companies starting up in the brewery business, these methods are excellent in boosting market awareness. Remember that giving away high-quality gifts can tremendously improve your image. Likewise, enhancing your packaging not only will make your product more appealing but also makes your brand look credible.
  • Customer Retention. For established companies, these ideas will definitely improve consumer retention and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • Owning the Shelf.  Bigger packaging means you stand out on the shelf and get noticed.

As time passes, the competition in the beer production industry will become fiercer. And so, to keep up with leading brands, it is crucial to find a marketing strategy that best suits your business needs.

Want help with your marketing and advertising plan? Let us know, and we’ll assist you in achieving your goals.   Our design team are always brainstorming and staying on top of new GWP trends.

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