Gillette is a brand that is owned by Procter & Gamble. It has gained in reputation amongst the segment of men due to its safety releases of razors and other personal care products. It has also started to grow within the women segment through the introduction of the Venus product line. Throughout the years, it has also become famous through the introduction of different marketing strategies like promo gift. In this occasion they have offered clients with an amazing gift set which includes a shaving cream, a razor and an after shave as can been seen in the picture below.

Promo gift by Gillette - Gift Set

Promo gift by Gillette – Gift Set

Is this promo gift effective?

Introducing promo gift is always an excellent marketing strategy to attract new customers. It is also great to retain existing ones as they will feel valued and cared for. Also, it is another opportunity to show some of the products your brand sells and their usage. For instance, within this promo gift, Gillette is offering a gift set which include some of their grooming products like shaving cream.

But how effective is this promotion campaign? Imagine what will happen after the shaving cream is finished. Will customer remember this promotional campaign at all? The answer is no. This is not a very effective way of introducing a new product.

What Gillette could do is to put these products together with something that customer can use for a long term. Some examples include pouch, keyring or towel. Branding these product is such an inexpensive way of boosting your brand awareness.

By doing this, you are also communicating your message to the public. A good quality promo gift is a practical way of doing this as it includes more than one product your brand sells. If your customers really finds it necessary in their daily life, they will come back to purchase more.

Introducing promo gift, giveaway or gift with purchase will improve your customer relationships and make them believe that you really care for them. Simple and low cost products can really make a different in your business direction.