If your target market is children, this promo gift might just be what you need! This card holder was spotted at the candy section in Wal-Mart, Zhuhai, China. The promotion is by Fujiya. There is the cartoon character, Poko on the card holder.

Promo Gift - Cartoon Card Holder

Promo Gift – Cartoon Card Holder

Fujiya is a Japanese chain of confectionery and restaurants. It was first founded in 1910 in Yokohama, Japan.  The brand has two mascots: Poko, the male cartoon character and Peko, the female cartoon character. Most of their confectionery have their mascots’ faces on them.

Why is this promo gift so attractive?

This promo gift is attractive as the colours used on the packaging are vibrant. The packaging is blue while the promo gift is yellow. These two colours are very bright. It makes the promo gift stand out from others in the same shelf. While shopping at Wal-Mart, I observed that many children took notice of the promo gift and went up to the shelf to take a closer look at it. Having an attractive packaging is important. It is a deciding factor as to how many people would pick up your promo gift and buy your product or how many would walk right past it.

Another point that makes this promo gift attractive is the face that there is Poko on it. Poko is one of the mascots of Fujiya. Most of Fujiya’s confectionery has Poko on it. It is a character that Fujiya is known by. Putting Poko on the promo gift is a form of branding the product. When the promo gift is used, others would see Poko on the card holder. Immediately, they would recognise which brand this promo gift is from. This helps to improve brand awareness for Fujiya.

Another benefit of placing Poko on the cardholder is that it is attractive to the the target market. Children enjoy using items that have their favourite cartoon characters on them. Poko, is among the favourites of children. When children see their favourite character, Poko, on the promo gift, they would want the promo gift. This helps to increase sales for Fujiya.