It is the middle of the summer and not surprisingly it is extremely hot in Asia. You feel like drinking something, but among all these beverages, even the simplest choice seems hard. And there it is! Your attention is lured by this unique custom in-store beer display by Kirin Ichiban.

Custom In-store Beer Display by Kirin Ichiban

Custom In-store Beer Display by Kirin Ichiban

Kirin is a Japanese brewery company, which is ranked at the top positions of Japanese beer industry. Widely acclaimed, especially in Japan and North America, is also one of the best-selling of its country.

This in particular is an in-store beer display customized as a giant Kirin beer can. It is shaped and designed exactly as one of the products they are selling, white coloured display with logo on the side. The structure is simple, there is no need to differentiate the items, as the beer promo concerns only one product.

We can also make few observations to enhance its effectiveness:

  • The in-store beer display by Kirin is an excellent example of POS display, but it misses something very important: the price tag. A client normally tends not to buy a product if the price is not shown. Here they are more likely to turn right and buy from Sapporo.
  • Moreover, to get the best from a drinks display, it would be ideal to think to it as a fridge. Especially in this heat, people look for cold, refreshing drinks. Worldwide multinational brands as Coca Cola and Red Bull had the same idea!

Why should it be a great in-store beer display?

  • Strong exposure: You may think that POS display are made on purpose to stand out and to advertise, so every in-store display should be effective. You are wrong. There are bad and good displays but also excellent ones. Because of the ingenious shape, it teases the curiosity and the attention of the customer more than every other in-store POS display. To proof it, you can carefully look at the photo once more time. Sapporo, on the right, is another very popular Japanese beer. They also carried out a beer promo and the design of its top product is notably engaging. Still, it is not enough to compete with the compatriot this time.
  • Advertising: Kirin knows what advertising means. When you are successful in drawing the attention to the in-store POS, you have then plenty of opportunities to “sell yourself”. Kirin promotes how their quality beer is pure and the only one brewed with the ichiban method, how it is known through the world and imported from Japan. It increases the perceived value. You do not really know how much and what is true, but if the in-store beer POS says that, there should be at least something true. Meanwhile the other beer brands just look anonymous.

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