They say that the greatest things in life are free. Some of these things can be found at your nearest retail stores as “Gifts with Purchase”. Just like what Dove did to their recent marketing move. The popular beauty bar loves their customers so much and they would like to show their appreciation by giving away a free promotional microfiber cloth.

Fans of the brand know how Dove treasures the loyalty of their customers. Although, this newest stint that graced our favourite stores is nothing new to us, everyone is equally excited to receive their promo gifts. For every purchase of a Dove Beauty bar, customer receives free promotional microfiber cloth as on pack promotions gift.

Maximise your Brand's Potential with this Promotional Microfiber Cloth from Dove

Maximise your Brand’s Potential with this Promotional Microfiber Cloth from Dove

Promotional Microfiber Cloth from Dove

Let’s discuss this promotional microfiber cloth from Dove in detail.

  • This promotional microfiber cloth greatly protects delicate surfaces. Therefore, this is perfect to use on sensitive skin making it the perfect ‘gift with purchase‘ item.
  • Dove’s promotional gift is an all-around towel that keeps phone screens, laptop monitors, tablets, and eyewear clean and dust-free.
  • The on pack gift design easily captures the attention of consumers in a busy supermarket. The “FREE” word is very visible even from afar. This makes this customer giveaway a great one!

How can this promotion be improved?

  • Colour and Design Variation – As you’ve noticed, Dove utilises one colour for their promotional microfiber cloth. This is a clever move for the brand since the hue represents Dove as a brand. But if you would like to engage more with your customers, it’s better to use different colours and designs. This way, customers will most likely purchase more to complete the whole collection.
Promotional Microfiber Cloth

Maximise your Brand’s Potential with this Promotional Microfiber Cloth from Dove

  • Use Captivating POS Displays – Marketing is all about getting customers to check out your product. Obviously, using beautiful In Store Displays not only capture the customers’ attention but they also create strong visual impact that makes your brand remarkable.
  • Collaborate with other Big Brands or designers – By doing so, you’ll create useful custom promotional giveaways for business that will make every consumer happy. The collaboration will benefit both brands. Check out this successful collaboration from Preen and Elizabeth Arden for a cosmetic pouch.

Now that we have thoroughly discussed the promotional microfiber cloth from Dove, we know that this excites you to produce your own set of promo gift. If you’re interested in manufacturing promotional towel, feel free to contact ODM. Also, if you want to know more about any other promotional product, ODM loves to hear from you. We have a team of professional product designers that can deliver high-quality designs to our clients.

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