The on board gift of XSories smart ball device stand was spotted in the magazine offering for the new launching of Me-Shot Deluxe selfie stick marketing campaign. Customers are entitled to an XSories Smart Ball device stand chosen at random from a choice of the two colors with the on board purchase of Me-Shot Deluxe. Each passenger can only redeem one on each flight. The offer will be valid until they run out of stock.

On Board Gift- XSories Smart Ball Device Stand

On Board Gift- XSories Smart Ball Device Stand

 Why has Me-Shot Deluxe been launched with the on board gift?

Me-Shot Deluxe selfie stick features eye-catching characters. This is a trendy wireless telescopic system for taking photographs. It allows you to easily take selfies with the clever blue XS-mart Remote. No more selfies with one arm outstretched! If framed correctly, Me- Shot won’t even show in the photograph.

The on board gift-XSories smart ball device stand serves the best for the new lunching. Customers are more inclined to buy Me-Shot deluxe with the redemption of such a promo gift.  Furthermore, it helps to recall the brand awareness by the on board gift- XSories smart ball device stand. The gift is small and really convenient to be carried around, for the passengers.

The benefit of offering a perfect promo gift for your marketing campaign.

On Board Gift- XSories Smart Ball Device Stand

On Board Gift- XSories Smart Ball Device Stand

A perfect promo gift serves as the best form of advertisement at a much lower cost compared to television, newspapers and magazines.

Mostly companies prefer to attract and retain more customers with the help of a promo gift.  By offering a simple marketing gift,  it leaves a good impression of the brand image on consumers.

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