The promo gift market is very innovative during Christmas season. This is due to the fact that most of the big companies are increasing their marketing budget during this period to promote their brands. That being said, we realized that bigger marketing budgets does not always mean original promo gift.

How Hasbro used its marketing budget for Christmas

Hasbro is actually a good example of big marketing budget but very classical idea. They are currently running this promotion in the Monoprix supermarkets in France. Judge for yourself…

Marketing Budget Increases For Christmas

Marketing Budget Increases For Christmas

Hasbro, the famous toys manufacturer, decided to launch advent calendars for Christmas. Do you think it’s original?  Maybe not since the idea has been around for ages..

It’s not original but it works, at least with children. In this specific case, they added a Littlest Petshop plastic figure as GWP. Christmas is a magic period where people spend more money than usual. That’s why advent calendars associated with plastic licensed characters will probably be very successful if they are visible in the shop…

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What if you have a smaller marketing budget?

Obviously, Hasbro‘s marketing budget is huge and most part of the SME can’t afford to spend 500,000 USD in there marketing campaign for Christmas! No worries, we have thousands of cool and original promotional products ideas on our blog. So if you want to run a promotion for Christmas, do not think that your marketing budget is too small. There is always an affordable promotional gift that will please your client.

A few words for our French followers:

En période de fêtes, les industriels débordent d’imagination pour promouvoir leur marques. Ici le géant du jouet Hasbro, propose à ses clients ce calendrier de l’Avent, certes très classique, mais y associe une figurine en plastique des Littlest Petshop, l’un des best-sellers de la marque actuellement.