We often hear that music is a universal language- able to bond anyone. 21 of June is World Music Day! Another observance day to connect with others and go out of your way. Therefore, it’s the best time to listen to your personal favorites and discover new sounds if you feel adventurous. It is also the perfect opportunity for companies to showcase their brand through music and other music-related custom promotional merchandise. So bring your brand front and center with custom music speakers!

Obviously on this day, sharing music is the best thing you could do. So incentivize your customers with some vibrant and custom mini speakers. Gift top performing employees and potential clients with useful marketing gifts like these custom printed speakers to build stronger business ties.

Custom Music Speakers

Custom Music Speakers


What are the advantages of custom music speakers ?

  • They can go in various designs and adapt to your customer needs.
  • It can be handheld speakers easy to move anywhere or attachable to a bike for example. Anti-drop, waterproof and dust resistant they will resist anything and be a great companion on World Music Day.
  • One of the latest and coolest designs is an electronic music bag, it is for sure very original, stylish and trendy !
Custom Music Speakers

Backpack Custom Music Speakers


  • If you need something a bit flashy to stand out, you can also opt for a bluetooth speaker with lights. Add in some glow in the dark promotional products and you can start a nice party !
Custom Music Speakers

Custom Music Speakers with Lights


  • Feeling old school? In this case, the phonograph design is exactly what you need !
Custom Music Speakers

Custom Music Speakers (Phonograph Bluetooth Speakers)


  • If you need something really easy to carry around as well as eco-friendly, a foldable paper speaker design is available. You can offer customers custom eco-friendly bags to help them carry these merchandise.
Custom Music Speakers

Custom Music Speakers


  • Therefore, with these products you will always find a solution corresponding to what your client wants, and answering their exact need will make them loyal to you.


All these custom music speakers can be highly personalizable and offer great branding space for your company. Everyone using bespoke custom music speakers will remember your brand and expose it to others, maximizing brand recognition and/or remembrance. On this special day, people will often enjoy music with friends and take photos, so try to couple the speakers with some custom selfie stick to increase sales !

Happy World Music Day!


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