Cool your beverages with this chillingly good drinks promo item. These freezable stainless steel ice cubes will refresh your drink and delight your clients.


Drinks Promo – Stainless Steel Ice Cubes


Drinks Promo

Drinks Promo

Simply put the steel ice cubes into the freezer. Leave them for around 1-2 hours. Remove from the freezer. Add to your drink of choice. A great replacement for  traditional ice cubes. Chills your drink effectively without diluting the taste. This multi-purpose drinks promo gift would be suitable for alcoholic drinks such as Whisky, Vodka or Wine.


How this Drinks Promo increases Brand recognition

Drinks Promo - Whisky Ice Cubes

Drinks Promo – Whisky Ice Cubes

These steel ice cubes can be branded with your company logo. Whenever your drinks product is used, customers will use these steel ice cubes to compliment their drink. This drinks promo gift will act as a reminder of your brand to the customer. Through the principles of classical conditioning. The ice cubes provide a refreshing sensation which users will associate  with your product. Users are likely to repeat the behavior of using the alcoholic drink and steel ice cubes. Repetition increases recognition. As a result when a consumer recognizes that they have a need to be refreshed. They are likely to seek your product in a Bar, Club or Supermarket. This ensures continued customer loyalty and repeat purchases. Through word of mouth further benefits may be achieved if the customer spreads their perception of your brand to friends or family.


Taste without compromise we believe this product will skyrocket sales for your drinks company.


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