USB memory sticks are standard promotional items for any brand or marketing manager. However, there are so many of them out there and consumers are now moving their data into The Cloud. A branded USB car charger might be a good way to get your brand in the hands of consumers instead. Keeping the shape of USB stick makes this product easy for consumers to carry around.  Moreover, it provides them with a practical device means that they will keep hold of for a long time.

Branded USB Car Charger

Branded USB Car Charger: An excellent alternative to flashdrives

How can a branded USB car charger help with brand activation?

In a previous blog we told you how branded USB flash drives are able to help with brand activation. Many companies now give out USB flash drives as promotional items, therefore consumers may not be as likely to use these. By giving consumers a product that is both functional and stands out from your competitors results in greater customer engagement. This means that the product will get more use and your brand will gain greater exposure.

Branded USB Car Charger White

Branded USB Car Charger: An excellent alternative to Flash Drives

Why have branded products for consumers to us in cars?

Consumers spent a significant amount of time in vehicles. More people commute to work then ever before and consumers have more electronic devices in their cars. Therefore this environment is perfect for companies to have branded products. By giving a consumer a branded product they will use every day and is convent will mean that consumers hold your brand in higher regard.

Branded USB Car Charger Black

Branded USB Car Charger: An excellent alternative to Flash Drives

Who is this product designed for?

Here at ODM we work with Marketing Managers, Advertising Agencies and Big Brands to create effective marketing and promotional items. We have an extensive experience in working successfully with clients to ensure we deliver successful promotional items. We think this USB car chargers would be great to give out at festivals, promotional events, gift with purchase and more. If you like this idea then please get in contact with us to discuss how we can help you and your brand. We also work with a dedicate design agency to create custom products to any specification. Contact us today to find out more.

If you still can’t decide on a promotional item, don’t worry we have lots of ideas. Here are just a few more examples of USB Flash drive promotions you may want to consider!!

Another great idea for a USB Flash Drive promotion. By making this product portable means consumers will hang onto it!

We cater for all budgets. Here is an example of a really inventive low budget promotion marketing managers can do!

Here is another cool low budget option from our team at MindSparkz.