Now you wonder why ODM Asia keeps blogging on these USB Flash Drives; no one gets sick of these unique, cute and cool flash drives that come in all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, these USB flash drives have been integrated into other products over the years.

An example would be the USB Pen.


It’s more than a pen. It’s more than a USB. It’s both.

Product fusion and integration serves mankind greatly. It increases productivity, efficiency and productivity. This innovative product would make a great promotional item! Be one of the first leading firms to reward your customers or employees with these USB pens!

There are other interesting USB products as well. Are you a fan of video games, especially the Nintendo Wii? Now we have USB flash drives in the shape of a Wii controller!


Or are you in the medical profession? Allow us to introduce the syringe USB flash drive!

Syringe USB

Want an extraordinary USB Flash Drive of your own? Either give us the combination of products that you would like to integrate or the shape of the USB that draws attention to your profession!

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