The ChargeCard is a brand new and innovative promotional product design, ideal for those on-the-go commuters.

Have you ever been in that situation where you’ve forgotten to charge your phone before a long day at work or on a long distance journey ,suddenly finding your battery in a critical state and have no way to charge it? Well, those anxious “how many phone calls have I missed/ how many messages have I received?” thoughts do not have to ponder in your mind much longer. The ChargeCard is here to save the day!

Stay Sleek with this USB Promotional Product!

Stay Sleek with this USB Promotional Product!

The ChargeCard is a credit card sized device which consists of two connectors; a phone socket connection and a USB connector. The device works by simply connecting both ends to the designated ports on your devices by bending the central cable and that’s it, your phone begins to power up! The ChargeCard is a multi-purpose product and can be used for your iPod, iPhone and Android phone.




Ideal Promotional Product For Mobile Phone Users

The career of overly long, knotted and fragile cables is over and the new employee ChargeCard has arrived to take over. To call this device lightweight would be an insult, the ChargeCard is featherweight! What ODM particularly likes about this device is the fact that it can easily fit into your wallet/purse/shirt pocket/jean pocket…the list could go on! Due to its miniature and space-efficient size, the ChargeCard is a perfect travel and office essential for anyone who needs that extra back-up charge during their commutes.

The device can be stored with ease when not in use, reducing the amount of cables left around on the side of the office desk and getting multiple cables mixed up which most of us have all experienced that before.


Why you need a ChargeCard:

  • Credit-Card Sized– Can fit in your wallet with ease, space-efficient.
  • No-more knots– None existent cable eliminates the cause of irritating cable tangles.
  • Amazing power-weight ratio– Supplies the same/more power than a standard USB cable with the weight of a feather.
  • Personalization– Can be printed with personal messages/text , company name etc..