Inflatables are both great indoor and outdoor options for advertising agents. Let this inflatable airship/bimp hover in midair and capture everyone’s attention. With a huge surface area, colorful and attractive designs can be incorporated onto it.  Make your inflatable Zeppelin soar around tradeshows, events, carnival, etc…

ODM can help design and manufacture a wide range of airships for both outside and indoor usage depending on venue regulations.

  • Controllable with a handheld remote – generally smaller size.
  • Tethered in place – indoor small size
  • Tethered in place – outdoor large size. (see also mascots)

Adding to this advertising and promotional campaign, put on thinking cap and expand your reach.     On the ground try these promo mechanisms:

  • use smoke/bubble/foam machines or lighting to add excitement.
  • Play music for the crowd.
  • Drop of flyers, brochures or discount offers.
  • Give away promotional gifts