ODM‘s product scouts spotted this unique towel at the HK gift show as an interesting promotional giveaway.   A glove and a towel merged as one. Users place their hands into the glove and swing the towel around as a form of cheering in stadiumevents and rock concerts. A really effective way to capture attention.

There are multiple ways to customize this product for further use. For instance, the towel’s material can be changed to be converted into a sports towel, whilst retaining the glove or a strap.  Do away with the hassle of holding a towel while running in the park. In addition, put up creative logos and designs on the towel to make it eye-catching – an advertising strategy. Thicken the material of the glove and this towel may revolutionise the kitchen as a cooking mitt, cleaning cloth, dish washing towel, etc…   Can also customise the shape and print to have it same as sports teams mascots etc..