Free Gift With Purchase by Singtel Mobile

Singtel have also recently joined the free gift with purchase trend. With over 500 million active users, Singtel are a household name within Singapore, and for them to opt for this strategy is a great example of how popular and successful this approach can be.

Free Gift With Purchase: Singtel Mobile

Free Gift With Purchase: Singtel Mobile

Although it may look like a generic digital advertising board, there are some clever and important lessons to be learned by this POS display and the overall campaign.

What we like about this free gift with purchase campaign:

  • What does every mobile user need? A charging device. USB gifts are life savers, with this in mind, being able to acquire one at no cost is a massive incentive. As mentioned in our previous blog, promotional bags are regularly used by brands due to the all encompassing nature of the product, no surprise then that Singtel feel the need to add a bag.
  • Innovation and making it fun! Colours are great in all walks of life, so using them in product design is essential. Bold and bright colours not only act as an eye catchers but also in some cases can be deal makers/breakers. Foldable bags also add to the originality, it’s all about saving space!
  • Simple and clean in store displays. Singtel make sure to stick with brand colour schemes; red and blue, whilst using a font theme that oozes class. The products themselves also look like very high end products as well, contributing to the added value.
Free Gift With Purchase: Singtel Mobile

Free Gift With Purchase: Singtel Mobile

  • Choice. If only everyone had the choice of what gifts they receive? Two options are on offer with this campaign; USB adaptor or promotional bags. Giving the power in the hands of the potential consumer is what is needed to make a successful gift with purchase campaign.
  • Integration. Singtel merge the mobile world with promotional gift giving by offering real data benefits with the their fantastic promotional products.
  • FREE! There are never enough times you can say the word free. Make it loud and clear, whatever the distribution channel is. In this case Singtel mention it a mere five times, though there’s never a limit!

Overall, gift with purchase campaigns are proven to show many benefits in both the short and importantly long term. Here at ODM we specialise in promotional opportunities and can assist with designing and implementing POS displays as seen in the pictures above. You can learn more about effective promotional opportunities, POS displays or in store displays here at on our website. Or, feel free to get in touch for promotional product campaigns.