A marketing product should be outstanding and eye-catching in order to grabs the customer´s attention straight away. We encourage to use bespoken promotional products as they are not common in the market and will attract customers instantly as they haven´t seen it previously. In our promotions we need to sell our brand in order to be able to increase our popularity and we need to think of items that our customers will normally use in a day to day basis and is quite cheap to purchase or include them in different promotions.

In this occasion we could use a sand timer as marketing product to attract our customers. We can see an example of this kind of promotional item below:


The perfect marketing product to include in promotions

The perfect marketing product to include in promotions

How does this marketing product increase our brand awareness and make our customers satisfied?

This marketing product is such a valuable item to include in promotions due to the fact the client could use it in different situations and it will be very useful when they need to complete tasks under time deadlines. Imagine when someone needs to finish writing up a document and the time limit is like 5 minutes long. Why not use this magnificent sand timer to control your time and manage yourself properly?

This sand timer can be personalized according to the amount of minutes you want the sand to get to the other side and you can also brand it with your logo to increase your brand awareness. It can be very cheap to purchase in high quantities and there is different materials we could use like acrylic and plastic.

This product can also be used as decoration for our living room and can be included with wood stacks so that it looks quite old and has a more antique look.

Keep your customers entertained with creative items like this one!