POS Kiosk designODMsg developed an innovative feedback tool for REACH Singapore roadshows – a giant mobile phone style kiosk concept as the feedback channel for the roadshow. www.reach.gov.sg

ODM worked closely with REACH Singapore to develop the kiosk into a more user-friendly, interactive and manafacturable shape. The REACH mobile phone kiosk highlights the multi-disciplinary engineering work by ODM.

  • Materials used were mainly wood and finished with laminate.
  • The docking station hides the CPU while the screen of the phone is a LCD monitor in portrait position.
  • The keypads are fully functional for allow interaction with users.
  • Programming of Kiosk done internally by ODM computer engineers.
  • Installation and maintenance organised by ODM engineers.

The kiosk served as the feedback channel for REACH Singapore Roadshow. Visitors can key in their feedback manually into the kiosk. The interactive interface of the kiosk also allowed users to answer multiple choice questions as well as answer essay questions using the buttons. The questions are also customizable and interface is changeable and adaptable.   REACH Mobile Phone Kiosk has received positive responses from the client and the users.pos kiosk

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