Since the launch of the Aevoz, the ODM team have been constantly improving the product and several changes have been made.

  1. The On/Off switch is slightly bigger- better feel and durability.
  2. A cover will be provided for the new socket
  3. Joint for the water inlet cover will be broader and thicker- ensuring that the cover does not detach easily

We received requests for samples of the sprayer for Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, S. Africa, Japan, Saudi Arabia and USA markets at the recent Electronics show.   Some clients in urban areas showed particular interest in car wash function, some in outdoors markets were only interested in gardening or camping shower function.  This showcases the wide appeal for Aevoz on the overall market.

The new version of the Aevoz will have a more polished appearance  with better quality. For more information on the Aevoz please kindly login to the website