Promotional Figurines are a very popular choice as a promotional product.  They are light weight and easy to display.   The coating and finishing of our figurines can be so perfect that these look almost like Porcelain, thereby reflecting a very high perceived value.

Delivery mechanism is frequently as an on-pack promotion with food and drinks products.    For this reason ODM also offers Packaging machines to enable clients to automate the assembly process in their home markets.

The ODM group can provide a full service from conceptualizing ideas, to the developing of your favourite mascot.

Below pictures show the process of prototyping for silicon figurines:

  • Mould up with clay as per client’s artwork
  • Clay sample finished
  • Pour the PU liquid into a silicon mould
  • Waiting for PU to be dry
  • PU becomes dry & hard
  • Get the PU sample out of the silicon mould
  • Polish the PU sample
  • Paint the PU sample as per client’s request
  • A finished painted PU sample


From materials such as silicon, plastic, polyresin toceramics, The ODM Group can design and manufacture a mascot to suit any Taste and Budget.