Atelier has created an amazing promotional offer using a creative procedure that personalises engravings on cologne cases. When clients buy a cologne bottle they can purchase a beautiful customised sleeve. Hence, it creates a great marketing tool. It attracts customers to your brand!


Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving


Clients can choose what is engraved on their case. This sets Atelier apart from many other high-end brands. It makes the product personal and creates a real connection with customers. People are more likely to purchase the custom cases because .


Why custom engravings is such a Creative Procedure

  • High-quality leather: All manufacturing details are considered from the start. As a result, cologne bottle cases are made from high quality real leather. This top brand does not take any short cuts.
  • Range of custom colours: Customers can choose from 10 bright colours, hence, targeting many people. Atelier have taken customising to the next level.
  • Personal message engraved: Custom branded merchandise is a great marketing idea for any company. The cases are engraved with beautiful silver writing. As a result, the cases are given a first-class look.
  • Practical: The cases also serve a practical purpose by keeping your cologne bottle looking new. It will not get any scratches or chips.


Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving


Why is Custom Engraving a Great Marketing Strategy?

  • Brand exposure: Custom merchandise design shows you care about your customers. Customers love when they can create their own product. People are sure to tell others if they are happy with the result. It shines a positive light on your brand’s name.
  • Great reputation: A good brand reputation is made using high quality material. When customers are sold great products from the beginning they are left wanting more. Thus, driving sales in the future.
  • Exclusive Promotional Offer 2-in-1: There are two parts to this offer. First, customers receive a cologne case when they purchase cologne. Secondly, to personalise the case, we add custom engraving using the creative procedure. As a result, customers feel special when they become involved in exclusive deals. This 2-in-1 marketing strategy offers more to customers, which makes the brand will stand out!


ODM can create custom products for your own brand with the same high quality. Our team’s manufacturing and design standards are very high as we also visit factory floors and conduct factory audits from time to time. Above all, we pride ourselves on meeting your needs. Please feel free to contact our helpful staff today!

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