Chivas Regal, one of the world’s original luxury whiskies is currently showing an eye-catching POS display in Hong Kong. It’s a luxury armchair, perfect for sipping your glass of Chivas in.

Eye-catching POS display by Chivas

Eye-catching POS display by Chivas

Influencing consumer behaviour with eye-catching POS display is critical to sales success

In a highly competitive retail environment, we understand the need to differentiate your product from the crowd and attract consumer attention. One of the most effective ways to sell products in a retail environment is to create eye-catching POS displays to highlight the items. These displays attract customers’ attention and persuade them to buy. Despite the wealth of information available and the widespread use of advertisements, 70 percent of purchasing decisions are still made in the retail environment, which means that what customers encounter in the shop affects their choices. Good displays make it easier for them to gather the information that they need more efficiently.


What makes an eye-catching POS display effective?

  • Product visibility

A good point of sale display pushes the product forward, rather than hiding it behind walls or shelving. It allows the product to be seen from at least three different directions, if not all four.

  • Branded hardware

Look for point of sale displays that give you opportunities to print your company name on the edge of a shelf, or to create a large backdrop featuring your company’s name, tagline, and logo. You want potential customers to start thinking about your product from at least 20 feet away, as they begin to approach the checkout line.

  • Height

The best point of sale displays are at eye level, but not everyone’s eyes are at the same height. A tower-shaped point of sale display, with products at multiple levels, gives you many opportunities to catch people’s eyes, especially children, who will see the products you stack close to the ground.

  • Flexibility

Creating a point of sale display with flexible usage ensures that your products will remain displayed in the store even if they no longer occupy the place of honor near the checkout.


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