Majulah! The Singapore Spirit” – This is the theme of the National Day Parade (NDP) 2011. Singapore celebrates its 46th birthday today, the 9th of August.

It has long been a tradition for the Government to distribute goodie bags to extend this celebratory mood beyond the parade platform. In retrospect, Singapore keeps it fresh each year – constantly innovating and featuring different themes, designs and items.

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Re-Use, Recycle, Reflect

This year, the NDP fun packs are going green – the promotional items in the goodie bag are made reusable to keep up the fun packs’ environmentally friendly theme. Items like the sun visor are made from recycled materials and others like the maracas which doubles up as a container have dual functionality for reuse purposes.

There are 4 different versions of the NDP Fun Pack – showcasing iconic elements of Singapore and the designers’ interpretation of the NDP 2011 theme.

To encourage the NDP audience to reuse the fun pack even after the parade is over, the tote bag has more compartments to offer more utility in carrying items such as laptops. The bag is also biodegradable and water resistant.

Contents of the Fun Pack include:

Reuse & Recycle

  • Mr Bean Maracas – an interactive item used to generate sounds to add to the festivity
  • Mini Singapore Flag – a mainstay in NDP funpacks through the years; this year it comes with a flag stand to act as a desktop decoration and a name card holder
  • Light Stick with interchangeable Panels and a customized base
  • Sun Visor
  • Milo Hand Fan


  • Stories of the Singapore Spirit – A collection of short stories
  • Reflections Card
  • Collectible NDP 2011 Lapel Pins

Other Items

The items featured are all cost effective solutions yet not compromising on the message delivered. It is always interesting to unveil each year’s surprise and see what Singapore has in store to commemorate this festive occasion.

For an inspiration on what to include in a goodie bag you are planning, this is a perfect success model right here.

Items ODM suggest:

With that, let’s also wish Singapore a Happy 46th Birthday! A nation to be proud of..