2010 Burberry Bear GWP – Polo Shirt

Burberry, an international fashion brand, is no stranger to offering GWP Promos to boost sales of its fragrances.

Since 2009, Burberry has launched teddy bears dressed in apparel with the signature Burberry checker as a gift alongside purchase from its fragrance collections.  The Burberry bear, as it was dubbed, is a limited edition and stock usually runs out fast – consumers love exclusivity.

Collectibles like this always work well with established brands since they have a concrete fan base. Plushes are especially effective if they are already existing mascots – See Cushelle and its Koala Plush

2009 Burberry Bear GWP – Hoodie

With the year of release stitched on the foot of the plush bear, fans of Burberry could expect a collection of bears dressed in different Burberry apparels to come in the following years.

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