History moves in cycles and things which were popular before are beginning to surface again. Brands are capitalizing on this trend – launching related products which rose to prominence decades ago, revoking nostalgia and adding retro elements to their marketing campaigns.

Milo, a chocolate and malt beverage brand under the Nestle Group, is following this trend and is featuring some of its old and current van models as collectibles in Malaysia.  These six delightful designs (from the 50s to 2011) will most certainly allure Milo lovers. This was proven so, with the first two launches fully redeemed way before the deadline.

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How to Redeem:

  1. Buy any participating Milo Products
  2. Download redemption form
  3. Send the proof of purchase and the redemption form to Milo HQ

Collectibles like this creates an insatiable need for fans to collect the full set. With a nice display box, it ensures the mini vans are placed to be seen. This both translates to higher visibility and increased sales..

The past speaks directly to a brand’s heritage. Showing people how the Milo brand is twenty or thirty years ago demonstrates authenticity. Promotional products are often the best way to showcase your roots or commemorate your brand’s long time heritage.

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