Gifts with Purchase are one fo the key items offered by ODM to help customers to increase their sales.   However, Point of Sale displays (POS) can also play a critical part in capturing consumer’s attention and these can be integrated with other promotional products & mechanisms.

Knorr is currently offering POS soup stations to people who order their soups.   For those in the Food and Beverage industry this really is an excellent offer.

Some key advantages for the brand..

Soup Station..

  • It offers a Self-Serve soup option for customers
  • Lead to high brand recall.
  • Saves manpower and time in serving soup from kitchen.
  • Offer a wide variety of options in flavours.
  • Gives customers the option to personalize their soup with various toppings available.
  • Stylish and enticing for consumers.
Some key advantages for the those who are frontline in the Food and Beverage..

Stands out significantly..

  • Capture attention of shoppers in Supermarkets.
  • Good for sampling of new flavours, shows that its fresh and warmly cooked.
  • Low Cost set up since the brand is financing the displays.
  • Low barrier to entry allowing retailers to take the risk of introducing new product line.
  • May lead to higher sales.
  • Boosts brand identity.