Ajinomoto Malaysia is currently offering an on pack promotion with its soups.  Buy soup packs and a box on the top contains a soup cup.  The cup has logos of Vono Soup and is so simple yet apt in terms of utility, it can be defined as a no brainer promo gift.

This is not the first time food company Anjinomoto arrange gifts for its customers.   They have also feature promo campaigns with online redemption for clients who interact with them and refer others to their Umami club.   Choice of gifts is tiered to include….

  1. Recipe Book
  2. Soup pack with promo mug
  3. Apron
  4. Food storage bag
  5. Food Container set for microwave/fridge
  6. Vacuum Flask & pouch

Currently the company is also offering chance to win cooking classes, showing that this company understand their clients and are committed to working with a strong mix of advertising and promotional mechanisms.