Opening Ceremony apparel store gave away this promo gift bundle with any Bean Pole x Kim Jones purchase over US$100. This gift includes a Tote bag, Towel and a Bean Pole Plush Key Chain.

Bean Pole x Kim Jones Promotion Gift

What makes this promo so attractive? All these 3 items seem common and uninteresting, but with a little touch of design it made a whole lot of difference.   The 3 gifts work together as a collection.

Bean Pole x Kim Jones Promo Towel

The royal blue bag designed with the signature Bean Pole x Kim Jones logo had definitely made it extra fashionable and appealing.  Be sure to choose the color of your promo gift well, as it could possibly affect the company’s brand image. For example the royal blue bag had certainly increased the perceived value of the bag.

Towel with logo imprint and special design could also be a great gift for the fans out there. Choose from different material thread counts and construction depending on usage – kitchen, bathroom, beach towel etc..   These are a great advertising medium for companies to use..

Bean Pole x Kim Jones Promotion Key Chain

Finally, an adorable Bean Pole Plush Key Chain shaped as brand’s mascot serves as a constant brand reminder to customers when they hang it on their bag or keys.

Some simple products can be transformed into special gifts with a little change to the design and quality.

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