We would all agree that the financial and banking industry is still one of the most challenging and competitive fields. Because of that, customer and industry expectations are high. So if you are thinking of the ideal banking promotional items, you should consider giving them the best quality. With that, these calculator notebooks: the perfect banking promotional items.

banking promotional items

Why this Calculator Notebook is Perfect for Promotions?

This calculator notebook comes with a pen. This handy notebook will be a convenient tool you can offer to your clients. Who wouldn’t love to receive customized pens and custom bags from a bank as a promotional gift? If anyone could appreciate these simple items, how much more if they receive this notebook with a calculator? Everyone who receives this as banking promotional items will definitely have smiles on their faces. Your loyal customers would probably post it on social media out of excitement and happiness. This is definitely a winning banking promotional items gift idea. It can already make customers greatly satisfied. Your branding position will also boost its performance. Here are more reasons why:

High-end promotional item

Calculator notebooks are 100% classy and high-end banking promotional items. As a marketing gift, clients would feel valued upon receiving it. A bank will seem to have put great effort into customizing it as a gift. Moreover, it is multifunctional so this makes it a 2-in-1 product that can help streamline customers’ works.


You wish to add your bank logo and other branding details to your custom promotional notebooks? Of course, you can! These calculator notebooks can be custom-designed. Achieve the look you want and make a remarkable impact on your customers. This way, you are also able to boost spread the word about your bank and the services you offer. These are absolutely the most ideal banking promotional items.

You can have your company name, contact info, and even your tagline printed on the cover to get people talking about your company.

Perfect for every banking purposes

Since using mobile phones is prohibited inside the banks, this calculator notebook with a pen is perfect for any banking purposes. This is beneficial to customers who want to take note of or calculate their finances. What a perfect banking promotional item, isn’t it?

Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Bank giveaways are a surefire way to establish trust and keep existing customers. Nothing beats practical items that customers can use every day. These notebooks with 2-in-1 functionality allow customers to jot down their ideas, scribble, and sketch whilst also getting exposed to your branding. This keeps your brand on top of your clients’ minds so when the need for your services arrives, you will be the first company they will turn to. This is a major reason to have these calculator notebooks as your banking promotional items.

Why Bank Customers Will Love this Calculator Notebooks as Banking Promotional Items?

  1. Unique – the item’s 2-in-1 function makes it unique.
  2. Useful – a must-have item for any busy individual.
  3. Handy – you can bring this anytime and anywhere you want to be.
banking promotional items

ODM: Home of High-Quality Promotional Items

Do you see your financial and banking company name being promoted on these calculator notebooks? Our team can help you design and customize these notebooks for your company. Surely, these is the best banking promotion items ever made. ODM-3350 is the product code for this innovative office item. Feel free to contact the ODM Group and start to stand out from other financial and bank institutions.

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