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Custom Gift Pens

Custom Gift Pens

Why: Promotional gifts for companies or brands seeking to enhance their brand image and also perfect as a souvenir. These promotional gift items seem perfect for the corporate giants to gift their employees. Employees carry their custom pens along with them to the places they visit. This in turn increases brand awareness. 

What: Aqua Pens with Pantone matched ship floats were made for the International Shipping Company Maersk. We, ODM developed these products with high-quality components. 

Product Specifications: The body was made with ABS, glycerine and resin with a blue pantone matched logo. The pen was white in color with a white and blue image representing the brand’s visuals. The inside was filled with good quality black ink. 

Mechanisms: Branded promotional productsPersonalized promotional gifts, Promotional Products, Marketing, Corporate promotions

Custom Gift Pens

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