Thinking of alternatives in marketing movies instead of the usual posters and advertisements? Sick of all the common marketing gifts like pens and notebooks? Want some innovative ideas to spice up your promotion? No worries! All you need is a 3-in-1 film multicolour highlighter! Now, you must be wondering what is this 3-in-1 film multicolour highlighter all about? Basically, it is a highlighter in the shape of clapboard with three different coloured highlighters. Ever had the dream of becoming a director or clapping the clapboard at least once in your lifetime? Your dream will definitely be fulfilled with this 3-in-1 film multicolour highlighter.

Lights, Camera, Action - Marketing Movies

Lights, Camera, Action – Marketing Movies

What are the uses of this 3-in-1 film multicolour highlighter?

This 3-in-1 film multicolour highlighter is a great gift for marketing movies. It is suitable for anyone and everyone of all age groups and genders. Students can use these highlighters to highlight their notes while studying for exams. Office workers can also use them for highlighting important documents or points that need to be easily noticed. It is a feasible yet unique product that is not commonly seen as a marketing gift.

How can this 3-in-1 film multicolour highlighter help in marketing movies?

This 3-in-1 film multicolour highlighter is extremely useful for promoting movies. You can brand your movie title on the clapboard. This would help to increase brand awareness for your movie. As this highlighter is an eye-catching promotional gift, it would definitely catch the attention of many when one takes it out to use. These people would then be able to see the movie title on the clapboard and know that a particular movie is giving out promotional gifts. They would then be induced to watch the movie so as to receive this promotional gift.

This 3-in-1 film multicolour highlighter also aids in brand recall. Whenever one takes out the highlighter to use, one will definitely be reminded of where they got it from. This would encourage them to watch more movies from the same production company in anticipation of new promotional items. As more people choose to watch movies from the same production company, it will help to increase sales in the long run.

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