Goodie bags in events, seminars and conferences are common giveaways.  However, corporate event organizers sometimes encounter difficulties deciding over how and what to give to send the right kind of message to delegates attending these events.

Picking the right gifts is essential as we try to please everyone. These are some pointers worth considering before every event.

Consider your audience at the event.  Are attendees generally male or female.  What is the theme of the event?  What type job position do visitors hold?

For casual events such as a welcoming party, attendees are very often dressed informally. The mood is light and relaxing. Simple gimmicky gifts like toys or kitchenware could pull it off. However, formal meetings like a staged conference or educational seminar, then often medium to high end gifts are more appropriate.

Commonly used demographics include sex, race, age, income, disabilities, mobility (in terms of travel time to work or number of vehicles available), educational attainment, home ownership, employment status, and even location.

How convenient will the gift be to your delegates to walk around with? Although this point may seem simple and logical, it is often forgotten by event organizers. Imagine yourself attending the event and the door gift is a huge chopping board. The bulk and weight will probably put you off. Therefore, do consider the dimension of the gift and the carrier to load the goodies you may be offering. Make sure sufficient space and comfort level is fulfilled.

Cater to the location. Again, please plan ahead for your event attendance. If the event or conference is held in the heart of the city or busy convention centre, a huge and bulky product may not be very appropriate. It will be very disheartening to see your product left at the side of the road after the conference.

Leverage your brand exposure. Work out what logos and designs are to be incorporated to your gifts. Consider your gift types, are they disposable or reusable? Look through the route your delegated might travel. These factors aid to maximize your promotional exposure.

Take for instance umbrellas/caps – they can be outstanding and draw attention in a rainy weather when everyone uses them. Moreover, imagine the impact when the crowd dispersed through town using the same branded umbrellas/caps.

Know your budget. Promotional budget and the number of participants ties hand in hand to your promotional strategy. Build your giveaway concept around your budget to hit maximum impact.  Order really early to avoid rush jobs and higher charges which are associated.

Post event promotion is also vital to consider. Are the gifts useful after the event? Choose products that may aid your promotion even after the event is over. Even an inexpensive product such as a pen or T-shirt can do the job.

Good presentation layout gives your delegates good impression of the company. By having your goodie bags neatly placed and settled before the guest arrive shows them that you value the gift, which in turn creates  high perceived value.

Packaging can make all the difference with perceived value of the product.   Making the packaging part of the gift such as a good quality bag – all the better !

Branding.   If people perceive themselves as a walking billboard, then the perceived value of your gift is lower.   Give a gift where the colours tie in nicely with your brand, where the shape and function are more unique.   Using more discreet logos or none at all usually make for higher perceived value.