Along with the other promos in Manning, Thursday Plantations attract our attention. With any purchase of Thursday Plantation’s products, comes along a gift with purchase, silicone cup lid (while stock lasts).

Silicone Cup Lid uses the atmospheric pressure to airtight seal the cup, simply by placing the lid on top of the cup. Easy to use and applicable to all cups, whether glasses or ceramics.

  • Eco-friendly and toxic free
  • Safe for Microwave and dishwasher
  • Withstand temperature ranging from -40 to 230°C
  • Durable
  • Non-spill/leakage
  • Hygienic
  • Hander serves as tea spoon holder

Besides its thermal insulation capability, Thursday Plantation’s silicone cup lid has an integrated spoon/paper holder. Moreover, its unique heart shaped handle is detachable for one’s convenience. Customize and design your own cup lid and impact your consumers.