On June 11th, ODM’s trade show scouts paid a visit to the “ITE 2010 – The 24th International Travel Expo Hong Kong”. A very interesting event, Travel Expo Hong Kong boasts more than 50 exhibitors from around the world. Activities range from traditional musical performances, to alcoholic beverages and coffee tasting.

Mascots and costumed exhibitors are engaging promotional activities with attendees and above you see Spin the wheel promotions.  (See delivery mechanism)

A badge imprinted with “Vote for Komodo”. Komodo dragon, an animal native to Indonesia, serves as a very good reminder for the Indonesian travel booth attendees. Promotional effect of badges may last long well after the event, as attendants may pin them up onto their bags, pouch, etc…

Similar to Pocari Sweat’s promo, this Jelly lens is given off as a promotional gift by RICOH to promote their range of cameras for the travel market.  Exhibiting its newly arrived camera, RICOH’s jelly lens adds on multiple capabilities to camera shots.   This is a great promo for camera company because it is cost effective and can be used on other brands cameras thereby reinforcing the Ricoh brand for next time a customer must update cameras.

The Korean travel booth gave this promo banner pen. Pull the banner open and reveal many tourist destinations in Korea. Photos of beautiful scenery and authentic cuisine are found on the banner. Banner pens are great info dispenser with its large printability options. See more pen promos.