Summer is probably the time of the year people are the most available to play with one another. it’s very important to keep this in mind when you plan your summer marketing gift campaign. As a matter of fact, if you manage to connect people, if they have fun using your promotional gift, they will will keep your company name in mind as a part of a good memory. We therefore decided to give you four marketing gift games that help connect players.

four in a row marketing gift games

Travel marketing gift games- Four in a row game

Forever green marketing gift games

The “four in a row” game is probably one of the most famous game in the world, but it is still very played. It ‘s a great GWP! Offering a travel version of this game to your client as a marketing gift game would be a very effective way to increase your brand visibility (you can brand the tokens and the base with your logo!). People are usually more than happy to spend a bit more money if they get a gift with a good perceived value in return.


marketing gift game of domino

Marketing gift game – Dominos game

Dominos are also a good option: easy to play, can be played everywhere and the wooden packaging increases the perceived value of the product. It’s again a very good on pack or GWP option.


Marketing gift games to play outdoor

The “catch game” (very similar to the beach racket) is a very good idea for every summer/beach related promotion.

marketing gift catch game

Marketing gift game – Catch Game

We love this product because it’s easy to use, for both men and women, children and adults. It’s maybe a bit too big for an on-pack promo but can definitely be used as a GWP or PWP promotion.

marketing gift game dart board

Marketing gift game – Magnetic Dart Board

Last but not least, this magnetic dart board is one of the most under rated marketing gift of all time. From a customer’s point of view, it’s really one of the best promo gift but as far as we know, very few companies have considered offering it.

If you are interested in any of these, feel free to contact us.