Break the mold and kick start your marketing campaign with our top 10 sport promotional  ideas. Get your clients actively engaged with your company today.


Top 10 List of Sport Promotional  Ideas


1) Foldable Water Bottle

Foldable Water Bottle- Promotional Idea

Foldable Water Bottle


This is a unique sport promotional idea which we think you’ll love. Portable and Convenient. Simply unfold the bottle, open the bottle top, fill with water and seal. This product simply attaches to your clothes or belt. When not in use simply fold and pack away. Extremely useful for hikers, climbers and runners.  A refreshing product? Take a further look here.


2) Sweatband With Pouch

Promotional idea Sweatband With Pouch

Sweatband With Pouch


Don’t sweat it. These sweatbands are perfect for active customers. These unisex sweatbands are worn on the wrist. Can be used during exercise as a quick method to remove sweat. Has an inbuilt pouch to store house keys. Convenient especially for runners or cyclists.  Whose clothing may not have pockets.


3) Gym Bag

Gym Bag promotional idea

Gym Bag


This Gym bag is perfect promotional product. A highly useful bag that can be used to store exercise clothing or equipment. Large capacity to suit all needs and compartmentalized. Stylish and suave can also serve as a multipurpose bag for weekend retreats. Click here to see how Lacoste offered a stylish gym bag as a promo gift.


4) Pedometer

Pedometer promotional idea



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.  Help your clients take a step in the right direction with this pedometer . The sensor in the product tracks how many steps are taken. The screen then displays this information. Can be an excellent gift to helps clients become more healthy. Click here to see a great example of Red Cliffe Sauvignon Blanc giving away pedometers as a promo gift.


5) Socks

Socks promotional idea



Get your clients on their feet with these socks. Light, cushioned and supportive. These socks will reduce the impact of exercise on your feet. Made of fabric that will wick sweat away from the feet to reduce discomfort. Can also prevent blisters from forming. See how this magazine chain was able to offer a gift with purchase here.


6) Earphones

Earphone Promotional idea



Earphones are a great promotional gift. Music is a great motivational tool to ensure that the person performs at peak performance. Great for runners, gym goers or just as a pre workout tool to psyche you up. Multipurpose and can be used day-to-day. You may want to consider an innovative earphone gift here.


7) T – Shirt

T-shirt promotional idea



These polyester T-Shirts are a great sport promotional idea. The polyester fabric ensures that sweat can be wicked away from the skin to the fabric surface. Where it can then be evaporated. Keeping the user dry. Perfect for all sporting activities. Can prevent chaffing. Can be branded with your company logo. Converting the user into a walking billboard and free marketing opportunity.


8) Physiotherapy/ Kinesiology tape

Physiotherapy / Kinesiology Tape promotional idea

Physiotherapy / Kinesiology Tape


Take the pain out and support your clients with this handy sports tape. Used by athletes and sportspeople in order to provide support, improve the muscle function and circulation to tissues. Can possibly be paired with a guide that details how to tape certain areas of the body.


9) Sunglasses

Sunglasses promotional idea


Keep your eyes on the prize. These sunglasses are brilliant for protecting the sight of your clients. Especially during the summer. These sunglasses protect the user from harmful UV rays from sunlight. Ensures your cornea and retina are not damaged from intense light.


10) Towel

Towel promotional idea



A highly useful product for either drying off after swimming, bath or shower. Can also be used as a sweat towel during your workout at the gym. Comes in a variety of colorful varieties. Take a gander at this unique customized towel.


We hope this list has kicked off your enthusiasm in sporting ideas.