Companies and factories have started manufacturing interesting and peculiar items. This is due to the previous and upcoming elections in the USA for people to portray how they feel. Here are a few customized games based on Donald Trump which we found at the Canton Fair.

Customized Games

Customized Games

Here’s a list of customized games exhibited:


  1. Trump Shooting Game – This game is played by shooting water into a plastic Trump toy stand whose mouth is wide open. It’s all fun and games while trying to get the best aim.


  1. How to Survive: Trump Bullshit Kit – This survival kit includes a range of items such as printed toilet paper with Trump’s face. It is a funny gift, and the humour will be seen by most people despite their political reviews. Also, it will generate conversation and be the main topic.


  1. Ultimate Gag Gift Set – Enjoy guaranteed laughs with the items included in this box. There is an iconic blonde wig, fake dollars and a fake news button amongst other items. Whether people want to act like Donald Trump or mock him, this is the perfect promotional game set to use!


  1. Make Toilet Great Again or President Dump – Instead of getting a kit, if the printed toilet paper stood out to you earlier, just go for the lone product. It makes a strong statement by itself. The toilet paper is actually for use as it is a super-absorbent 3-ply toilet paper.


  1. Trump Toilet Brush – Enjoying the Trump toilet merchandise? Here’s another one to add to the list. A Trump themed toilet brush with a massive blonde hairdo to make your toilet spotless. This is a useful item and has some personality to it.
Customized Games

Customized Games

  1. Trump Wall Game – The way to play this game is to push out as many bricks without letting Trump fall off the top. Sounds fun, right?


  1. Pet Hates Toy – Introducing the Trump chew toy to make your pets happy! Let your pets join in with the fun.


  1. Make America Drunk Again KitPromotional drinkware Includes items such as a flask, coasters, bottle openers and more. It is great for events such as Christmas, birthdays, wedding parties, etc.

Why you should pick Trump themed customized games:

These customized games are a good way for people to express themselves and would be a great promotional product. There are two groups of people; the ones who either love or hate Trump. So, there will be high demand from people for such products. They are guaranteed a big reaction and will make a statement for your company by boosting your brand, values and build on customer relationships. These promotional games can be played or used for different events and numerously at times. These can also be considered as marketing gift games to connect people together.


Interested in getting a laugh or reaction from your customers? Which product or set would you pick? If you would like to design your own Trump product, our in-house design team Mindsparkz can help you!


Contact our China or Vietnam office to get more information. Please reference the product codes for the items you are interested in, quote 2751 for the Trump toilet brush and 2734 for every other product.


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