Freebie-O-Holic is giving away coupons to customers who start subscriptions with Starbucks to receive a free Bodum Coffee Presser. Starbucks has given out Flash Drive, Dragon Tumbler, CNY Gifts, etc. to boost their sales. This time, Starbucks has come up with this branded gift with subscription to attract more consumers to start subscription with them. Hurry and get your coffee presser before the supplies run out of stock!

Branded Gift with Subscription to Boost Sales by Starbucks

Branded Gift with Subscription to Boost Sales by Starbucks

Starbucks is an American global coffee company and coffeehouse chain, well known all over the world. It is the largest coffeehouse company in the world expanding rapidly with over 20,891 stores in 62 countries. Starbucks serve beverages, whole-bean coffee, snacks, product items, etc. Subscriptions for Starbucks Coffee include delivery of beverage and/or pastries straight to your door.

How can gift with subscription boost sales?

By giving out branded gift to consumers for their subscription, it would attract them to start their subscription with your company. Starbucks has made use of this marketing strategy to increase the number of their subscriptions. People would be more encouraged to start their subscription with Starbucks especially when a branded gift, Bodum Coffee Presser, is given out to them. They would have a higher perceived value for a promotional gift that is branded than one that is not. Therefore, this would help generate more sales for Starbucks since they would be able to lock their customers in till the end of their subscription. Starbucks may even be able to build a long-lasting relationship with their subscribers if they are happy with the service. In the long run, it would affect Starbucks positively.


Adding your company logo on the promotional gift could help boost sales in the future through creating brand awareness. Users of the coffee presser would be reminded of your company brand name whenever they brew coffee. Guests who visit their homes may even be able to notice the logo as well. This act as free advertisement for your company unknowingly.