Pernod Ricard is giving away champagne bottle covers as its gift with purchase for every G.H Mumm champagne bottle bought. The champagne bottle cover keeps the champagne bottle cool and wraps around the bottle for better grip. Read more to find out how the champagne bottle cover can be used as an effective gift with purchase…

Pernod Ricard Champagne Cover Gift with Purchase

Pernod Ricard Champagne Cover Gift with Purchase

Pernod Ricard is a French company that produces distilled beverages. The company’s eponymous products, Pernod Anise and Ricard Pastis, are both anise-flavoured liqueurs and are often referred to simply as Pernod or Ricard. The company also produces several other types of pastis. After the banning of absinthe, Pernod Ricard was created from the Pernod Fils company, which had produced absinthe. It is now a worldwide conglomerate. Pernod Ricard owns the distilled beverage division of the former corporation Seagram, along with many other holdings. In 2005, the company acquired a British-based competitor, Allied Domecq plc. In 2008, Pernod Ricard announced its acquisition of Swedish-based V&S Group, which produces Absolut Vodka.

How do the champagne bottle covers make an effective gift with purchase?

The champagne bottle covers keep the champagne bottles cool and they prevent water vapour from condensing on the glass surface. It gives a comfortable grip of the bottle for the user. The bottle cover is made of cloth and it can be folded into a slim piece to store away easily. It can be used for most champagne bottles.

Additionally, ODM loves that the champagne bottle covers are branded with Pernod Ricard‘s logo. This logo will increase brand awareness and more people will know about Pernod Ricard. The logo will also boost brand recall and facilitate reminder advertising. This will increase brand loyalty for existing customers and increase repeat purchases for Pernod Ricard.

Customers will be attracted to buy the G.H Mumm champagne in order to get the champagne bottle covers for free. What do you think of this gift with purchase?