Calling out all Kate Spade fans! Cosmopolitan is giving away a customize pouch with every purchase of their September issue! Hurry down to any magazine stand to get them today! Read on more to find out how customize pouch are perfect for a giveaway.

Customize Pouch Gift from Kate Spade with Purchase of Cosmopolitan

Customize Pouch Gift from Kate Spade with Purchase of Cosmopolitan

Customize pouch are a perfect idea for a giveaway with Cosmopolitan because readers of Cosmopolitan are generally ladies. A Kate Spade customize pouch is great as a make up pouch, coin pouch or pouch for anything.

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Why Customize Pouch as a giveaway?

Firstly, pouches are widely used among females. Being a popular brand amongst the ladies, Kate Spade has successfully reached her audience with a pink pouch. Furthermore, the pouch is customized with their brand name: Kate Spade, females who purchase the magazine feel like they received more than what they paid for. Also, as the customized pouch is branded with a designer brand, the perceived value of it increases. Thus, it becomes more attractive to females, they are more likely to purchase the issue of Cosmopolitan. This would drive up sales and increase your bottom line!

Secondly, pouches are used everyday. This means that people are going to see your customize pouch daily. Thus, it becomes a perfect platform to market your product. As your customer use the pouch, others can also see it. This would pique their interest in your brand and find out more about your products! Thus, you are able to expand your client pool and increase sales.

Lastly, pouches are highly customizable. You can choose to add your brand logo, company name or even customize it for events like company anniversaries! It is extremely flexible to suit your needs.

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