Taking a marketing internship in Vietnam has many benefits. This can be attributed to the fast-growing economy, young working demographic and flavourful cultural food. Vietnam is developing at an incredible pace and this is why it is ideal to intern here!

marketing internship in vietnam

marketing internship in Vietnam

Marketing Internship in Vietnam

Fastest Growing Economy

Vietnam is the fastest-growing economy in Southeast Asia, with a projected growth rate of 6.7% in 2019. With Vietnam clocking a sustained growth rate in the region of 7%, it is projected to be one of the fastest-growing economies by the 2020s. As a result, local businesses are growing and there is room to grow. Thus, having a marketing internship in Vietnam will allow you to play an integral part in scaling up small businesses or boosting large corporations’ promotional efforts. 

With more and more factories moving from China to Vietnam, it is also important that businesses consider sourcing in Vietnam when looking for products.

Young Workforce

Vietnam has a young workforce, and with this comes many different benefits. Having younger employees allows you to bring about a fresh new youthful perspective to your business. Additionally, most youths are also willing to learn and gain experience. As a result, this eagerness helps with team building and boosts the general workplace morale.

Having youth in your business will also help when targeting the millennial market, as they will be able to apply their understanding of their peers’ needs and demands. Being part of a vibrant generation pushes you to reach your work potential, whilst also encouraging you to see different perspectives and pick up different skills. Moreover, working with people in the same age bracket also means that your colleagues understand you better. This can be in terms of needs as well as in terms of communicating method.

Here at ODM, we constantly liaise with local universities to provide internship opportunities for students!

Good Food

Known as the kitchen of south-east Asia, Vietnam is famous for its exceptionally good food.

marketing internship in vietnam

marketing internship in Vietnam

While dining out in a fancy restaurant is definitely possible here, to experience the ‘real’ Vietnam, street food markets are the place to go. The great thing about all the street markets in Vietnam is the sheer variety on offer. Thus, you can walk down the street and never eat the same thing twice (unless the food is so delicious that you go back for seconds)!

From the national dish Pho (a steaming bowl of hot noodle soup traditionally made with beef, chicken or pork), to Goi Cuon (a Vietnamese spring roll packed with prawns, vegetables and rice noodles), and Banh Mi (a baguette often compared to a treasure chest for all the goodies enclosed inside), there will always be something to satisfy your appetite!

Internship with ODM

Taking a marketing internship with ODM Group is a chance to co-work with a creative young team of designers in a friendly environment. Not only can you explore Ho Chi Minh City, but you also gain loads of experience in merchandising, marketing, product development, and design.

Students should take this opportunity to discover their capabilities at work, for their own future careers. Interning with ODM is a perfect option for students who want to work with an international team with diverse cultural backgrounds. Hence, everyone interested in marketing should consider this as an option to gain experience in the field of business and product development.

So, if you’re keen to pursue a marketing internship with The ODM Group, send us an email today! We specialize in sourcing, designing, and manufacturing custom promotional merchandise, marketing gifts, custom product packaging, and Custom Promotional Giveaways for business, among many other promotional products. Join our team of dedicated product designers, merchandisers, sales or bloggers today!

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