HSBC are offering some new promotions to push sales of their Platinum Business Visa Card.   Banks frequently target Business travellers – they especially like them because overseas spending allows banks to charge more due to exchange rate spreads.

Bank Promos targeting Businesses

The Bank chooses to offer a wide ranging number of benefits in order to hook in clients. General offers such as lounge access and meeting rooms in the Hong Kong airport figure in their general promotions and we see these offers recurring.   For this particular occasion they use a branded Delsey travel bag to hook travellers with a more unique gift.

Black Promotional Trolley Bags seem to be a mainstay in these promotions but at this stage most people already have multiple models. Whiskey companies have been giving them away for years.   Even Wellcome is now giving them away.   We suggest that HSBC should really look at doing something different – see our blogs on Manbags or Universal Adaptors which could be combined to make a really nice bundled gift..

Promo Bags with Sale

Have a look what other banks are doing….

Promotional Campaigns with Visa Cards

As with most contracts in Hong Kong, HSBC advises customers that in case of discrepancies between the English and Chinese versions of their offer, the English version shall prevail.