Scottish whiskies are among the world’s most revered spirits. There are an abundance of styles and tastes, but one way for you to stand out from the other’s is to include a premium promotional casing that catches the eye of a customer. Here are two perfect examples demonstrated by Glengoyne and Glenlivet, on show at Hong Kong international airport.

Premium Promotional Casing: Glengoyne and Glenlivet

Premium Promotional Casing: Glengoyne and Glenlivet

Why Glengoyne and Glenlivet’s premium promotional casing ticks all the boxes:

  • Stimulating sales. Utilising premium promotional casing is a great way to boost sales and gain attention of potential consumers. In these examples, Glengoyne and Glenlivet are selling their products in high quality wooden cases, and whilst it may only be aesthetically pleasing and of not much practical use, they offer something that is eye-catching and grabs the attention of others.
  • Visuals. These are both prime examples of how the casing can compliment the product on offer. In this instance, the two cases both stick to the tones and colours that are typically associated with Scotch Whiskey. Simple, classy and effective. Because of this and the high quality brand logos on display for each, these cases will contribute to an increase brand recognition. Moreover, it will give customers positive connotations with the brand, which can then be passed on by word of mouth.
  • In Store Display. This is a great example of an effective in store display by offering a means to see, feel and touch the product before purchase. ISD’s are an essential component when it comes to the success of the product, regardless of the retail setting.

As a direct result of using a premium promotion casing, your business can expect to increase its brand awareness whilst also acting as a stimulant to promote further sales of your product.

Here at ODM we have years of experience in fabricating in store displays, drinks promotions campaigns and promotional products. Feel free to contact us to learn more about promotional products or let us assist you in coming up with some new and innovative ways to promote your brand, and utilise your 2016 marketing budget. Also be sure to check out our portal on gift with purchases if that sparks any interest.