Small but terrible! This retail sign clip will absolutely keep your customers attached to your brand. Normally a clip-on sign holder holds signages in stores and in different establishments. However, this one is more portable and they are branded and can be attached to the products or display. And the fact that signages are almost present everywhere means that signage holder also needs to be there.

retail sign clip

Retail Sign Clip

Why This Retail Sign Clip Is Important to Your Business?

Knowing the importance of signages in introducing brands, sign clips and holders are equally important for a business. Apparently, the item may seem simple and unnoticeable, but the truth is, it really plays a crucial role in marketing. Thus, modifying your brand’s sign clip could be an advantage.

retail sign clip

Retail Sign Clip

1. Helps Guide Customers

Keeping your sign clip attractive can help in guiding customers. Aside from the signage, your sign clip also has an impact on your clients. Thus, keeping it appealing can be very beneficial for your clients and for your brand.

Measuring about 4.5 cm, this is certainly ideal for smaller items to stand out on the shelf. For instance, it could be useful to use for custom counter displays that house chewing gums, candies, and smaller stationery items. The size will not overpower the display, but will surely add color and distinction to the products on offer.


2. Helps in Infomation Dissemination

retail sign clip

Retail Sign Clip

This retail sign clip promotes quick access to information. It can help you disseminate instructions easily. Moreso, it is a very practical way to broadcast your message.

These retail signs can be printed with any information you may wish to convey to your customers. For instance, you can show that a particular product is new, discounted, or on sale with these vibrant clips. What are you selling? You can even use it to label items, especially those packed in smaller packets. Take advantage of the colors to distinguish one product from the other.


3. Inexpensive Brand Promotion

This item will require very little to manufacture and customize. It is very cost-effective, thus you can use your other resources in your other promotional activities. Using this sign clip, you may effectively introduce your brand by putting brochures and pamphlets on it. You may customize the clip with your brand logo to make your image even more remarkable. Another good thing about this product is that it is made of plastic. Thus it is very durable and reusable. You don’t need to spend money regularly to replace it with a new one.

retail sign clip

Retail Sign Clip

4. Keeps Things Organized

Tidy up your store with this retail sign clip.  After all, the designated purpose of this item is to keep things hold together. With this, you may keep your things organized inside your store.


Our takeaways…

Signages are designed to inform and promote. Highly-visible display signs absolutely help in creating more sales and greater impact on your customers. In addition, customers will appreciate you more when they’re guided with signages every time they visit your store. This retail sign clip is very customizable, hence you may choose the design that suits your brand.


How ODM Works?

If you are in need of sign clips or holders for your business, you may contact us for more designs and ideas. We also provide custom promotional items that will surely help you in your marketing activities. The ODM group has in-house product designers and merchandisers who work closely with factories to ensure that our clients’ branding needs are met. Send us an email today using the product code: ODM- 3539 if you think that this product is a good addition to your brand’s promotional items.

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