The ODM Facebook Group is a central platform for customers and friends to meet each other and talk about our Promotional Products & Procurement industry.   It is also a great medium for us to introduce new inventors we work with and to promote their new Promotional Products or inventions.  (Before we continue, we would like to remind inventors to always protect their IP before divulging it to the greater public.)

What do you think of these pages, all in relative infancy to date?  We have ranked them in terms of popularity to date because it seems thats what counts for Social Networking….

Facebook ODM Group promotional products

Despite Facebook being a social networking platform, entrepreneurs have utilized the opportunity to promote their businesses on Facebook.  ODM work with inventors and brands to help them create buzz around new products they launch and along with websites, our blog, twitter and other tools this Global platform it is a great place for us.

Facebook should not be overlooked for chance to understand other cultures and learn how your product would do in different countries.  How does the product fit culturally?

newsfeed facebook promotional products

Facebook is a social networking platform that has swept the world by storm. It is a social networking platform where users can easily keep track on friends’ activities, birthdays and see photos of their friends.  Hitting more than 500 million active users worldwide.